In the latest episode of TerrorByte Adam and Michelle look at the positives and pitfalls of F.A.T Lab’s Auto Smiley software and Youtube Captions. We take auto smiley for a spin on Skype and question why Captions seems to think “we’re concerned with food” should be read as “we can send with Aids”. With music once again provided by the awesomely talented David Connolly of Molecular Sounds fame, this is a tech review you can really get your teeth into. Raowr!

We just caught wind that Nintendo will be releasing the Nintendo 3DS sometime this year. How exciting! You can tickle Mario’s balls for real!

Here’s a video we shot, explaining what exactly will be going into the 3DS, how this will affect how you play the handheld, and a handy How To Make Your Own Nintendo 3DS.

For all the info, check out our site:

In this episode Adam reviews the latest Martin Scorsese flick, ‘Shutter Island’, starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Ben Kingsley. We tell you whether the film is worth the ticket price, better off rented or only good for torrenting as we look at the plot, style and audience reaction! We also invite you, our lovely viewers, to get involved in working for us - always fancied yourself as a film reviewer? Now’s your chance! Visit for more details!

Adam visits Pulse Radio at the London School of Economics.

Hello there new Tumblr followers!

Here’s a short film for your viewing pleasure that we here at Betasaurus made last year.

It’s a Japanese film about a girl who discovers she’s made of wood.

So, without further delay, I present to you, ‘Ki no Otokonoko’. Enjoy!

In this episode, Adam visits London’s famous South Bank, home to human statues, musicians and rapping tramps.

We talk to The Script’s favourite local musician Frank Ryan ( about life amongst the bizarre, and attempt to dodge tourists queueing for photographs with the world’s most pierced woman.